What is Cauliflower Ear Surgery ?

Cauliflower Ear Surgery

If you have suffered from cauliflower ear surgery, you might find this article helpful. Cauliflower ear is an inflammation of the earlobe or eardrum which can also be called “cauliflower ear.” The inflammation is caused by trauma to the middle ear. If the scar tissue actually forms in the outer ear, then the results are usually permanent.


Cauliflower Ear Surgery

Cauliflower Ear Surgery, the ungainly bumpy appearance that appears to be a cluster of cauliflower ears is a very unwelcome and distracting feature to have. The only logical solution for restoring a normal, well-appearing appearance to these ears is by having cosmetic cauliflower ear surgery done by a qualified plastic surgeon.


The most common type of surgery for treating this condition is a procedure called “cauliflower ear reconstruction.” This procedure attempts to raise and realign the cartilage surrounding the ears so that it matches the surrounding ear bone (the cartilage normally lies very flat). The resulting appearance is natural-looking, even though some may be surprised at the fact that no visible sutures are used in this operation.


Why can’t you fix cauliflower ear?

In general, two types of surgery are performed in response to a cauliflower ear: one is a procedure to remove excess skin and fatty deposits from the area; and another is to remove a blood clot. In either procedure, a general anesthetic is required, and the patient may be sedated and under a general anesthetic as well.


Recovery from either procedure usually takes about a week or so, after which the patient can go home to get back to normal activities. Some patients will continue to have follow-up surgical procedures to boost the success rate of their recovery.

Cauliflower Ear Surgery-1

In addition to removing excess skin and fatty deposits, cauliflower ear surgery can also be used to reshape the cartilage in the outer ear. If the ears are suffering from a loss of cartilage because of age or other reasons, or if there is a blood clot that causes the cartilage to shrink, this surgery can help to correct the problem. A general anesthetic is required for this type of operation, and the patient may be sedated and under a general anesthetic as well.


Does cauliflower ear hurt forever?

The success of this type of surgery depends on several factors. Age and heredity play a role in how severe the cauliflower ear deformity is. If the cause of the deformity is a common disorder, then the chances of success are high. However, if it is something unusual, then the chances of the procedure succeeding are lower.

In order to prevent cauliflower ear from occurring, certain steps can be taken before the operation. By quitting smoking and avoiding alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, you can greatly reduce the risk of developing the deformity. Using an ice pack on the affected area after each shower can significantly reduce swelling and decrease the risk of an infection. These simple measures are likely to prevent your ear from being affected by this problem.

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