What is Dog Ear Plastic Surgery ?

Dog Ear Plastic Surgery

When the time comes for your dog to have dog ear plastic surgery, you may be unsure of what exactly you are looking for. If so, read through the following information. Plastic surgery for dogs is a fairly new practice but has gained popularity due to recent high profile news stories. In the news recently, we’ve heard about silicone implants and nose jobs. This surgery involves reshaping the dog’s ear to correct hearing problems, or to make it appear earsier or larger.


Dog Ear Plastic Surgery

Before making the decision to have dog ear plastic surgery, you should know about all of the available options. One such procedure involves the removal of hair from the dog’s face. While this sounds drastic, many dog owners report that their pet’s facial hair will grow back faster than they expected. Plastic surgery, though, may not be appropriate for some situations. Also, you should know that many of these procedures involve the use of implants. You should always check with your vet to see if implants are right for your dog.


You should look at all of your pet’s symptoms to decide whether dog ear plastic surgery is right for your pet. If you notice sores or redness near the ears, this may indicate that you should go with a different surgical approach. Sores on the face or around the ear can also be signs that you should opt for dog ear plastic surgery.

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Another consideration when you are thinking of Dog Ear Cosmetic Surgery is the size of your dog. Many surgeries are not performed on dogs larger than 10 pounds because they cannot tolerate the anesthesia used to perform the procedure. Large dogs, on the other hand, can tolerate anesthesia and usually respond very well to the results. Before going ahead with any dog ear plastic surgery, you should discuss this option with your vet. You should know beforehand how big your dog is and whether surgery is an option.


What are dog ears in plastic surgery?

Surgery is only one part of dog ear plastic surgery. You also need to consider implantation surgery if your dog has lost most or all of their hair. This surgery is done through silicone implants that are custom fitted to the bones of the dog’s ears. You will want to consult with your vet about this option because it is quite expensive and requires more time to recover from than the dog ear surgery.

Surgery for dogs is an option that you should look into. The benefits of ear plastic surgery can include fixing problems with ear structure and size, correcting swim bladder problems and wobbly ears. In some cases, it can also correct issues with hearing loss and help your dog enjoy life to the fullest.

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