What is Ear Pin Back Surgery ?

Ear Pin Back Surgery

Home Otoplasy (Ear pin back surgery)Otoplasy, or ear pin back surgery, is a kind of cosmetic ear surgery in which the ears tend to look overly large or protruding. During otoplasy, a top-quality plastic surgeon performs an elective procedure on your ears to make them look smaller or larger. He can do this with the use of scalpels.


Ear Pin Back Surgery 2022

Ear pinning, also called ear pinning surgery, is a form of cosmetic ear surgery in which the outer parts of the ear are cut or cropped in such a way as to minimize the size of the ear and give it a better appearance. This operation has a good success rate and can be repaired easily if it is done correctly. But what exactly goes in during ear pinning?


Why would you want ear pin back surgery ?

If you have ears that are protruding or jutting outwards, it could be that they are not aesthetically pleasing to you. You might also be concerned about the fact that they are bothering you when you are trying to enjoy a relaxing evening at home. In this case, ear pinning is performed. It is usually performed within 3 weeks of the birth of the baby.

How does ear pin back surgery work ?

The surgeon will make a small incision inside the eardrum, around the base of the ear. The wound will be folded over and sutured closed. After he removes some skin and fat from the ear, your facial plastic surgeon will place some castor oil inside it and cover it with gauze.


In order to get the best result from ear pin back surgery, you will be given general anesthesia. You should expect some swelling and bruising afterward. You may be given pain medication, but it will be very mild. You should rest for a day or two after the procedure and then resume your normal activities in about 3 weeks.


Pinched ears are very common among adults who have experienced otoplastsis as well as adults who have experienced other ear correction surgeries. For this reason, it is important for you to find a plastic surgeon who is qualified and experienced in performing otoplastsis and ear pin adjustments on adults as well as children. Make sure you feel comfortable with him or her before letting them perform any procedures on you. If you have any special concerns or questions about this surgery, you should ask your plastic surgeon for advice or contact him or her right away to get additional information.

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