What is Ear Pinning No Surgery ?

Ear Pinning No Surgery

Ear Pinning No Surgery, ear pinning also known as ear lifting surgery, is a cosmetic plastic surgery technique that involves removing a part of the earlobe in order to raise it.


Ear Pinning No Surgery

In addition to this surgery being often performed on children who have external ear deformities, it is also used to reshape the face of grown-ups who have internal problems with their ears. This type of plastic surgery usually takes one or more hours, and after the surgery, patients will need some time to recover.

This surgical procedure may be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the surgeon’s preference. In addition to the aesthetics, this operation can address problems associated with the ear such as drooping ears, enlarged cartilage, skin problems, and even menopause.


Can ears be pinned back without surgery?

Ear Pinning No Surgery, itself can be done under local anesthesia in a ten or fifteen minute surgical procedure, although the recovery period can take longer. During the surgery itself, your surgeon will make a small incision under each ear, making a “hanger” of sorts.

Once your surgeon has made these “hangers”, he or she will lift the skin of your ears so that they are level with your head. Your skin will be folded carefully back over the “hanger” so that your earlobe will fit exactly where your doctor needs it to.


Is non-surgical ear pinning permanent?

Ear Pinning No Surgery, your surgeon will use the “tissue trick” to place your earlobe where you want it. This takes a little bit of time, but after the tissue trick, your ears will look perfectly normal. After your surgeon tightens the skin of your earlobe, he or she will re-insert the skin into place and stitch you up. This whole process takes about two or three hours to complete, and will leave your head feeling completely healed.

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How do I fix my ears sticking out without surgery?

While there are many benefits to ear pinning, you should be aware that it is not a permanent solution to tinnitus. This is most commonly used when patients experience hearing loss after undergoing a traumatic injury to their ear.

Ear pinning can also be used for patients who have experienced a single traumatic injury to their ears and wish to avoid the potential of having to wear hearing aids for the rest of their lives. It can also be used by patients who have suffered a very serious head injury that could have caused their ears to swell or turn numb.

How much does it cost to pin ears down?

While there are many benefits to ear pinning, you should be aware that there is always some risk involved. If you are interested in ear pinning, you should seek out the services of an experienced plastic surgeon. Not only should a plastic surgeon be able to perform the procedure effectively, but he or she should be able to instruct you on proper hygiene after the procedure.

If you follow the doctor’s advice and care for your ears following the procedure, you will be able to ensure that they stay healthy for the remainder of your life.



If you are interested in ear pinning, your doctor will sit down with you and go over all of your options before making a decision about surgery done. You may even be advised to get a few opinions from other doctors before arriving at a decision about the procedure.

By being as informed as possible ahead of time, you will be able to weigh all of your options and find one that works best for your situation.

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