What is Ear Pinning Non Surgical ?

Ear Pinning Non Surgical

Ear Pinning Non Surgical, ear pinning is a form of ear pinning surgery. It is a form of cosmetic ear pinning for people who want to enhance the looks of their ears but do not want to undergo extensive ear surgery. There are two types of ear pinning non surgical, one in which the skin is lifted from the ear lobe and the other in which the skin is folded around the outer edge of the ear lobe. The second is less successful and more difficult to achieve.

Ear Pinning Non Surgical

Ear Pinning Non Surgical, there are many advantages to ear pinning non surgery. The most important one is that it gives the appearance of being earlobe implants. This helps in bringing out the ear flaps and helps in creating a better piercing. Some people find it so appealing that they go for ear pinning after having traditional ear piercings. Another advantage is that ear pinning is easier and takes less time than ear piercing and is cheaper than ear piercing.


Ear pinning is done by lifting the skin in an upward direction, across the ear lobe and across the ear rim. This is done over night and left over the next day. The following day a small pin is placed in the hole created and pulled outward. A bandage is placed on the ear pinning side for about 24 hours. The wound will be closed with dressing.

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Ear Pinning Non Surgery

There are many benefits to ear pinning non surgery. The ear pinning reduces pain and discomfort because the skin is lifted off the ear lobe and the thin skin folded around the outer edge of the ear is smoothed. This reduces the noise associated with buzzing sound in the ear. People who have undergone ear pinning surgery have claimed to feel more comfortable after the surgery. This leads to fewer ear infections.


Ear pinning can also lead to more sensation in the ear. This is because the ear pinning non surgery will stretch the earlobe and increase the flow of blood towards the eardrum. This gives the ear more sensation. More sensation means clearer hearing and easier identification of sounds. Some people who have experienced ear pinning non surgery claim that they can hear music better than before.

In conclusion, ear pinning non surgical method can be an alternative to ear piercing. It has its own pros and cons. It is definitely safe and beneficial though. There are no post-operative risks. In general, it is advisable to people who want to change the appearance of their ears but are not bothered about having ear piercing.

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