What is Ear Pinning Surgery ?

Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear pinning surgery is not considered a suitable alternative to other corrective surgeries, such as ear lift or ear surgery for corrective purposes. Ear pinning is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure which reshapes overly large ears. This surgery is commonly performed for both children and adults who are suffering with large ears. The exact amount of ear pinning surgery is based on many factors, including the patient, the severity of the condition, and the desired end result.


Ear pinning surgery

Before deciding to have ear pinning surgery, it is important to set up an appointment with a licensed plastic surgeon for preoperative evaluation and planning. A consultation will not only determine if ear pinning surgery is right for you, but will also determine the success rate.

During the preoperative appointment, the surgeon will take measurements of your ears and discuss your health history and possible concerns. The surgeon will then create a custom-made chart to describe your potential risks and results.

Once the preoperative appointment is completed, the patients are asked to sign a form indicating that they understand the nature of the surgery and that they are voluntarily going under anesthesia for the procedure. Patients should remember that anesthesia does come with some risks, and that they should carefully read over their consent form before signing. If you were advised to go home, you should do so without delay.

In most cases, patients can go home within one to three hours after ear pinning surgery. Patients may experience some discomfort or slight pain following the surgery, and these symptoms can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. It is important to note that many patients report feeling somewhat pain-free the day after the surgery.


Is ear pinning surgery painful?

After the preoperative visit, the plastic surgeon will give you instructions on what you can expect to hear on the day of the operation. Your general anesthesia will be administered during the procedure, and the plastic surgeon will position you in the operating room. You will be asked if you have any questions or concerns during the preoperative appointment.

Before the surgery, you will be given an anesthesia injection. While at the quatela center for plastic surgery, you will be asked to sign a form indicating that you understand the procedures and that you are voluntarily going under anesthesia.


How is ear pinning surgery done?

It is normal to be a bit self-conscious about your appearance prior to having ear pinning surgery. You may even be a bit nervous about the level of anesthesia you will be required to undergo. However, you should rest assured that undergoing this procedure is completely safe. While the surgical process may be somewhat painful, the recovery process should not be painful either. If you are a good candidate for, you will see that all of your fears will be put to rest as the procedure goes smoothly and successfully.


As with any type of surgical procedure, you should remain completely conscious and alert throughout the preoperative period. It is important that you go over the preoperative appointment with your plastic surgeon prior to your scheduled date with him. He will help you to decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you are, your risks will be decreased significantly. If you are not, you should ask your surgeon if you can try another procedure to determine if your preoperative preparation has been proper.

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