What is ear pinning ?

Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is a cosmetic plastic surgery specialty. It refers to the surgical procedures and techniques for correcting the ears’ pinna, which is named because of its shape, which resembles a pinna mask. This surgery is performed in children and it is considered as a minor cosmetic plastic surgery. Otoplasty is one among the most commonly done cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and in the world for that matter.


Ear Pinning

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedure for ear pinning is an aesthetic change which alters, lifts, shapes and smoothes the ear’s cartilage. It is done through excision of the hair and skin, along with making an incision into the natural crease of the ear. A balloon catheter is used to drain excess fluid during the surgery. Excess tissue is then manually lifted from the ear by a surgeon using gentle scissors and stitches.

New skin is then attached over the removed skin, and a sutures are used to close the incisions. An additional procedure called eyelid surgery is sometimes added to the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure for lifting and repositioning the prominent ears closer to the forehead.


Does Ear Holding painful ?

Once the doctor has determined that ear pinning is the right choice for the patient, he or she will discuss the procedure with the patient. Most patients find that there is little pain during the procedure; however, some may experience slight discomfort or bleeding. Depending on the type of plastic surgery being performed, pain medications may be prescribed. Before surgery, the plastic surgeon will also discuss the use of pain medications and whether the patient is a candidate for anesthesia.

After the ear pinning procedure, some people may experience slight discomfort or swelling in the ear. These usually disappear after a few days. The bruising associated with the procedure usually lasts for several months and will fade after about a year.


How does ear pinning work?

During the year following the procedure, people can expect a small amount of scarring that should reduce as time goes by. The majority of patients who have undergone this procedure choose to wear earrings until their scars fade. Some doctors recommend that during this time, they should avoid wearing contacts or anything else that could cause their earrings to pop out.

How does ear pinning work ?

If you have excessive protruding ears, you will probably feel self-conscious about having them. In addition to being uncomfortable, you will probably also worry that people are staring at your protruding ears. Perhaps you even feel ashamed that others notice your protruding ears!

No matter what you personally think of ear pinning, however, you should realize that it is absolutely normal to have them. In fact, you are probably quite happy with the appearance of your protruding ears! If you are concerned about your protruding ears and feel self-conscious about them, there are a number of different treatments available to you, including surgical procedures.


How much does ear pinning surgery cost ?

If you decide to have ear pinning performed, you should have the incision made on both sides at the incision site, above the ear. After one week of being monitored at home, your doctor will likely lift up your head to allow you to see how much skin has been removed and how much skin has been folded back underneath the bandage.

From there, the excess skin, or cartilage, is removed and the incisions closed. Typically, you will return to recovery within one week, but it could take a little longer for full recovery to be observed.
There are some rare complications associated with ear pinning. One of them is referred to as “cicatricial herniation”.


Is ear pinning painful?

In this complication, the lower part of the ear becomes swollen, then hardens, and creates a small opening for fluid and air to enter. Another rare complication is that of “axillary torsion”, which occurs when a small amount of the upper collagen band is torn off by a surgeon during a normal procedure for ear pinning.

Ear pinning is often a preferred method of cosmetic procedure for adults over the age of 18 who desire to change the appearance of their ears. While it does require minor recovery time, the results are permanent. There is little to no discomfort and scarring is minimal in nature. If you are interested in this type of cosmetic procedure, you should research your options carefully. Be sure to find a board-certified and skilled plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.

Ear pinning techniques

Recovery from ear pinning usually takes two to six weeks, and some may experience moderate to extensive scarring. Acne scars from this procedure may be visible on the ear lobe or behind the ear. However, most patients report that the scarring is not as noticeable as those from a facelift or rhinoplasty (a surgery to remove facial hair).


A very common complication of ear pinning is infection, which can be either superficial (usually resulting in mild symptoms such as itching and minor swelling) or deep. If an infection is present, it is important to see your doctor right away to get the proper antibiotics to treat it. If you are having excessive ear pinning and the wound does not heal correctly, you may be required to have additional surgery to correct the problem. It is also possible to develop a form of “cicatricial pneumonia” after receiving ear pinning surgery, which is a lung infection that requires hospitalization and constant medication.

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