What is Ear Plastic Surgery ?

Plastic Surgery of The Ear

Cosmetic ear plastic surgery, also called otoplasty, is of particular assistance to children or adults born with abnormally large or misshapen ears. Cosmetic ear plastic surgery can either involve reshaping the cartilage in the ear to create a smaller profile, or reducing the length of large ear lobes, it can also involve pinning the ear drums to close up the ears.


Ear Plastic Surgery

Ear plastic surgery has many benefits, especially for children, as they are more susceptible to damage to their ears from being repeatedly thrown around. Cosmetic ear plastic surgery can be performed in a wide variety of ways, by a skilled cosmetic ear plastic surgeon or a general practitioner.


Ear Plastic Surgery, otoplasty surgery is usually a small outpatient procedure lasting about an hour or so and can be performed on an outpatient basis. When performing ear plastic surgery, a surgeon will remove any hair, fat or skin that is present in the eardrum, along with scar tissue. Then the surgeon will sculpt or realign the cartilage in the ear using scalpels and tiny scissors, sculpting the earlobe by sculpting out the lobe. Next the surgeon will use lipo to remove excess fat, and finally he or she will suture the area shut with a local anesthetic. This surgery has a high rate of success and is safe.

Can you have plastic surgery on your ears?

One of the main concerns that many people have about cosmetic ear plastic surgery is that they worry that they may suffer from postoperative hearing loss after the operation. This is not the case for most surgeries. In fact, most people who have had this type of surgery report no loss of hearing ability after the surgery. Some people do report hearing loss after the surgery though, but this is usually temporary and usually due to the fact that the patient had a particularly good week or had been sleeping well.

Ear Plastic Surgery

One of the most common cosmetic ear plastic surgery procedures is called blepharoplasty. This name refers to the surgical procedure of removing extra skin and fatty deposits under the otoplasts of the earlobe. Otoplasts are the sacs that make up the outer rim of the ear. Excessive fat deposits can cause the otoplasts to swell and shorten which results in the apparent increase in size of the ears. This can be extremely unsightly and leads many people to desire otoplasty.


How much does it cost to reshape ears?

Another common procedure that cosmetic ear plastic surgeons perform is known as ear pinning. This refers to the removal of fatty tissue and skin from behind the earlobe in order to tighten the look of one’s face. Many men and women wear earrings that pull down on their ear lobes. Cosmetic plastic surgery specialists can perform an operation that will tighten the skin to eliminate this problem.

No matter what type of plastic surgery you have done, no matter what procedure you have had done on your face, no matter what look you are trying to achieve, you can recapture your natural look with a consultation with a board certified facial surgeon. Don’t let years of ridicule keep you from smiling again. Please contact a reputable and certified facial surgeon today for an ear reshaping, reduction, enhancement, repair or replacement that will give you back your confidence and your happiness.

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