What is Ear Reconstruction Surgery ?

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear reconstruction surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery which will rebuild an ear blown out or misshapened by cancer treatment, trauma, an accident, or other forms of trauma. It is also used in some instances where the ear cannot be rebuilt due to certain characteristics, including size or shape.


Ear Reconstruction Surgery

The reconstruction of an ear may consist of creating a synthetic ear from the patient’s tissue, including rib cartilage, or constructing an artificial ear from another part of the body, such as a wound from a traumatic brain injury. In general, ear reconstruction surgery is relatively non-evasive and non-invasive. Often times, patients are able to resume normal activities fairly quickly, with very little restriction.


During ear reconstruction surgery, the doctor will make a replica of your ear structure from your own body using prosthetic or artificial cartilage. This cartilage has the strength and hardness of natural human cartilage. When the doctor uses this artificial cartilage for your ear reconstruction, he will graft it to the inside of your ear so that it will match your existing ear structure exactly.

How long does ear reconstruction take?

After the skin is stitched back on securely, the remaining ear flap is then trimmed and repositioned to approximate the size, shape, and color of your natural ear. The ear flap is typically covered in silicon adhesive to help retain it in place and help the ear heal.


Typically, the procedure takes about an hour to perform. Most doctors recommend that you arrive to the procedure at approximately the same time your general anesthesia sets in. Because ear reconstruction surgery is done on an outpatient basis, most surgeons will give you local anesthesia and give you a pain pill before the procedure. Once the general anesthesia takes effect, your surgeon will place a dressing over your head and neck to immobilize you for the procedure.


What is Ear Reconstruction Surgery ?

The following morning, your surgeon will remove your ear reconstruction surgery garments and place them in the hospital’s surgical suite. They will then prepare you for your surgery by cleaning and disinfecting you extensively. You will probably be given a prescription for a pain killer, a cough suppressant, and pain killers to aid with any swelling or pain you might experience after surgery. You will probably also be given some anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the risk of infection during the recovery period.


Generally, you can return to work two weeks after your procedure and can expect to return to work in three weeks. You may be asked not to drive for about two weeks or to stay home to keep any injuries from occurring.


Ears are extremely complex structures and need meticulous care in order to sustain their structural integrity for years. If your ears are damaged in a traumatic accident, prosthetic ears can restore your hearing ability and quality of life. Ear reconstruction surgery is an integral part of achieving this goal for many individuals who suffer hearing loss or other forms of impairment caused by accidents. Ears do not heal themselves, which is why it is important to consider all of your options before having this procedure done to you.


If you are considering ear reconstruction surgery for one of these reasons, you should carefully consider all of your options. Your surgeon will explain all of your options and give you expert advice before deciding on this or any cosmetic surgery. There are many benefits to having this procedure done and you will see and feel immediately how this will affect the way you look in just a few short weeks. When you want to look and feel your best, you should consider this option.

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