What is Ear Reduction Surgery?

Ear Reduction Surgery

If you are searching for an ear reduction surgery near you that will dramatically change your appearance, you should consider using. He has unmatched credentials and expertise in this very special niche procedure having done it on a continuous basis for years now.

Ear Reduction Surgery

In fact, he may well be the most experienced cosmetic surgeon in the country when it come to removing the largest part of your ear, when it comes to ear reduction surgery. Because offers the leading edge in ear reduction surgery, he is also considered as a celebrity of cosmetic surgery in America.


Routinely performs both open and closed ear reduction surgery. The former involves making an incision behind the ear, while the latter is a lot less dramatic, but involves making an incision inside the ear, but outside the eardrum. This type of cosmetic ear reduction surgery performed by Dr is typically done on children who are suffering from teething problems, because the cartilage from the ear can be removed, and then the excess skin can be trimmed away.


How much does surgery to shrink ears cost?

Teething can cause tremendous stress on the body, and can also cause excessive skin shedding, which is one of the primary causes why people often lose excess skin from their ears. However, if the skin shedding is not too excessive, then it will not make a huge difference in the appearance of the person.


What is Ear Reduction Surgery ?

Cosmetic ear reduction surgery has been performed by this doctor successfully on hundreds of patients. Typically, patients who have excessive cartilage in their outer ear are the ones who are most likely to benefit from this treatment. Patients who have ear deformities like misaligned ears or large ears are also candidates for this kind of treatment.

However, patients who have a completely average sized ear are also sometimes eligible for this procedure, and in these cases the doctor will carefully evaluate the patient’s ear size and shape before determining whether or not they should undergo this kind of surgery. While most patients with abnormally large ears will qualify, there are still some exceptions to the rule.

One of the more common reasons why ear reduction surgery is performed is because patients suffer from hearing loss. In many cases, simply getting rid of the extra tissue can fix an entire handful of issues that were affecting the hearing of the individual. Additionally, sometimes this can make a significant difference in the appearance of the person’s face. Most patients who get this type of operation actually end up improving their appearance because they no longer have large ears that stick out at weird angles.

Is there surgery to reduce ear size?

As with any surgical procedure, ear reduction surgery is usually done in an outpatient setting. This means that the patient will be able to return home the same day that the procedure is performed. Typically, patients are advised to keep a towel handy to use to recover from the operation, but there is very little post-operative care required.


After going through ear surgery, patients generally have only small incisions where the surgeon made the original incision. These are small and do not take long to heal, so there is very little pain involved for most patients. The incisions are typically hidden by the hair on the patient’s head, and the final results after the procedure look remarkably natural.

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