What is Elf Ear Plastic Surgery ?

Elf Ear Plastic Surgery

Elf Ear Plastic Surgery, there is a lot of debate over whether or not elves have ears that are plastic. Some people think that the elfs have fake ears just like those on Sesame Street. This is because the Sesame Street character has two “ears.” If they did not have ears at all, then they could not talk.


Elf Ear Plastic Surgery

In this article Elf Ear Plastic Surgery, we will focus on one form of cosmetic surgery where the patient’s face has no visible ears: Chinese elfin ear plastic surgery. In this case, the entire face appears as one, with the nose being the only area that appears asymmetric.

From the front, you can see just two ears but otherwise ” Elf ears” are generally not as “noticeable” as fake ears. The principle of elfin plastic surgery is basically to inject massive doses of collagen behind the ear muscles.

You may be curious about this form of cosmetic surgery. Why would anyone want their ears injected with collagen? Well, there is a pretty good reason why someone would want their ears injected with collagen and this reason has nothing to do with social media.

If someone were to go online and post a picture of themselves with these ” elf” ears, then they would attract followers and friends, which could lead to money for the person.

Of course, this is a rather extreme example, but it illustrates the point that there are some things that just simply cannot be hidden. If someone cannot keep their hair tied back so that it does not fall out, then they might consider having elfin ear plastic surgery.


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Before we get into this form of cosmetic surgery, let’s look at how someone would go about having hyaluronic acid injections to plump up their ears for “elf” ears. Most people who have this done are doing so because they have drooping ears due to allergies or just bad posture. For the most part, this will require no injections and only a short time in the chair. Of course, there are other reasons someone might want to have this done, but you get the idea.


How much does elf ear surgery cost?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other popular forms of cosmetic surgery. One particular procedure that is gaining in popularity is called cheek implants. This can be had with the use of silicone or saline. The idea is that the implant is put directly behind your ear instead of behind your neck like most other types of cosmetic surgery. Again, this can be used to improve your appearance in a number of ways.



Finally, we come to the last type of surgery we will discuss – injecting hyaluronic acid into your skull. This is also popular with younger people who have faces and ears that are too full of facial hair. They want to remove this hair to improve the appearance of their faces, and to make their ears look smaller. This is typically used for younger people with large breasts, since women tend to have larger brains than men.

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