Where Fort Worth Ear Pinning ?

Fort Worth Ear Pinning

Fort Worth Ear Pinning, Ear pinning is a sport that has gained popularity in Texas over the last few decades and now has a following around the country and world. “Ear pinning” is also known as “frotogravure” by the French and is also known in Canada as “joggle popping”.

Fort Worth was among the first cities to promote this foto strategy, with the first organized tournament held in the early 1950s. Competitors would tap their ears against a wall and use a strip of paper to create a pinhole.

Fort Worth Ear Pinning

Fort Worth Ear Pinning, As with many old traditions, the competition has found modern twists and has grown both in popularity and importance. Competitors now often wear ear plugs during the game. If you are interested in pinning, you should try to find some local organizers and attend some local tournaments. The more organized the competition, the better the exposure to others will be.


Fort Worth Ear Cropping, Before you get started, make sure that you have mastered the basics. Fort Worth is quite a complex city, with several streets and areas to navigate. Make sure that you know the address of every street intersection before you start pinning. At your first tournament, you might want to join in on some practice rounds. This way, you will have a feel for the rhythm of the game and be able to slow down when necessary.

Fort Worth Ear Cropping

Pinning is usually done on the outside of the ear, on the top of the ear, or along the back of the ear. Make sure that you are not bending your ear during the pinning motion. The ear can be easily pulled back if you are not careful. Keep the pin on the outside of the ear for best results.

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The winner is the person with the closest shave between each ear. This is normally done by scoring a number out of ten. You should try and keep a clean look at your ears by trying not to touch your teeth, talk in your mouth, or tap your tongue. This makes it easier to see the shave line, which can give you a wrong score.


To do this game, you will need a pin marker or a straight edge. It will help if you can mark your eyes too, so that you can see exactly where you are going. Fort Worth Texas Hold’em is fast paced, so have fun and practice at home or at a local practice facility. This game is a good way to socialize and entertain friends!

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