What is Horse Ears Pinned Back ?

Horse Ears Pinned Back

Horse Ears Pinned Back, if you have a horse that is pinched up and trying to wear ear muffs or plugs it can be frustrating. It seems that every time you take the muffs off your horse’s ears they always come right back in. The ears are very sensitive and pinched back too tightly can cause pain. In addition, if the ears are pinched back too tightly there is a chance the horse may actually tear his ears.


Horse Ears Pinned Back

Horse Ears Pinned Back, although there are some problems with muzzles causing horses to bolt, there are several reasons why the ears may be pinched back. The first reason is just a lack of proper training. If you never started training your horse he would never learn how to release the tension in his neck and ears. The second problem is if the ear muffs are worn too tight the horse might not be able to breathe at all. If he can breathe he might tear his hair out.


To relieve the pressure on the ears and to help relieve any pain a pinched ear leash can be helpful. Another way to help relieve the pressure on the ears is to give your horse some space. Just give him enough room so he can breathe. Also, you should make sure that he is getting enough food and water. If you do not have enough space then you should tie the ears back with a loop or chain.

What is Horse Ears Pinned Back ?

Horses are prone to pinching their ears back when they are stressed out. This happens when a horse is feeling hungry and does not have enough straw to eat his grain. This could also be the case if the horse did not get enough exercise on his outing. If the horse is not getting enough exercise then the horse may get lazy and laid back.

Stress can cause a horse to become over worked and to tense up in his muscles. If your horse is feeling stressed out try giving him more time off.


If the pinched ears and the horse is not wearing a helmet then you need to take measures to relieve the tension in the neck. Start by putting a cold towel across the top of the ears. The cold towel will soothe the tense muscles in the neck. If the ears are pinched back and there is no pain you should take the horse to his vet, who will most likely prescribe some type of medicine to relieve the pain.


Do not let the pinched ears go untreated. You can start by massaging them until they are relaxed. You can also use a spray on the ears. If the horse is experiencing a bad case of pinched ears and there is no pain then you should put the horse into his stall and take him outside. If the pinched ears are causing pain and the horse is not comfortable going outdoors then you should consider making some changes to his environment.

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