What is Horse Pinning Ears ?

Horse Pinning Ears

Many people are asking how to stop horse pinning ears. A horse that starts pinning their back is called a show pony and can be very embarrassing for the owner. You see this pony likes to have the hair tied in braids and has a very obvious problem with excess ear hair. So if you want to learn how to stop the from pinning ears back there are a few things you should know.


Horse Pinning Ears

Horse Pinning Ears, to begin with let me explain that showing a horse any form of affection is considered a reward. When a horse pulls their ears back it is a sign of happiness. This is a very good sign to be trying to get your horse to do. You should try to make this a positive experience for your horse. Some horses will just like to pull their ears back while others will look confused as to why they are doing it. In any case it is a good sign.


What is Horse Pinning Ears ?

I am going to tell you the best way to stop a horse from pinning ears back. This method works on all animals, not just horses. It is also a great way to train your horse to do what you want him or her to do. If you are having trouble getting your horse to follow you then you should find out more about this method.

The first step in teaching your horse to stop pulling their ears back is to take the horse’s ears into your hand. You will want to place about three fingers between the ear and the top of the nose on the horse. Now you will gently massage the inside of the ear to encourage the horse to move his or her head. Make sure you don’t rub too hard as this may cause pain and irritation. As your horse gets used to being touched by you will eventually work to stimulate the area behind the ear so that the horse will turn his or her head to see you.

Horse Pinning Ears Back

Horse Pinning Ears Back, another tip on how to stop a horse from pinning ears back is to massage the ear very slowly back towards the horse’s head. Start at the base of the neck and move backwards to the top of the head. This will start to get the horse’s attention and will encourage the horse to turn his or her head to see you.


I have given you a couple tips on how to stop a horse from his or her ears. These methods should be helpful to you but remember your horse is an animal that needs to be trained. Make sure you always have enough training supplies on hand. Keep in mind that horses like to feel loved and cared for so if you make an effort to always have treats on hand for your horse then they will love you and want to please you.

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