How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost?

How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost

How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost, ear pinning is a common procedure that is performed in plastic surgery. The actual name is “subcision” but it is more commonly known as “curettage.” In the majority of cases, a small plastic tube or clip is inserted into the ear, allowing the surgeon to pull the skin back as desired.

Once the pinnging process is complete, the tube or clip is removed and the hair is trimmed. The surgeon then seals the area and covers it with a temporary adhesive bandage so that it can heal.


How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost?

How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost, before the actual surgery can begin, a small incision will be made above the natural crease where the ear meets the skull. This will allow the surgeon to insert the pinna without having to make an incision in the cartilage of the ear. Because there will not be any visible scar during the recovery period, the surgical facility fees will be lower.

Depending on how large the individual’s ears are, they can recover in a few days to a few weeks. This is why it is important to consult with your plastic surgeon if you are unsure about how much anesthesia will cost and how long the healing process will take.

To determine how much an ear surgery costs by geographic location, contact each plastic surgeon that you are interested in having perform the operation. Each surgeon will have his or her own prices posted on their website. If you can find a surgeon in your local area, he or she may be willing to call on you to set up an initial consultation.


Is ear pinning covered by insurance?

During the consultation, you can tell them exactly how much you are willing to pay for the surgery-including the cost of anesthesia and other surgical facility fees. If the surgeon cannot provide you with a quote over the phone, make an appointment to go into the operating room and meet with him or her personally.


Once you have determined how much does ear surgery cost by geographic location, you will need to consider any additional post-surgical expenses. If you live in a smaller town, most plastic surgeons will not run afoul of any cosmetic concerns unless you make the commute to the larger metropolitan area. For this reason, many people choose to have the surgery-even if they have to drive several hours during the recovery period. You can expect your insurance provider to cover at least a portion of these expenses.

Is ear pinning painful?

Before you schedule an ear surgery, you will need to consider how much does ear pinning cost by geographic location. Once you know how much the procedure will cost by location, you will also need to consider any additional surgical facility fees. It is possible that you could be asked to come back for another procedure after the first one is completed.

While it is rare, some plastic surgeons do not take every patient, especially if the second procedure is less invasive and done in a different city. When this happens, you can expect to pay a bit more for the second appointment.


If you choose to have the operation done by a board certified plastic surgeon who is located nearby, you can be assured that you will get the very best care. The doctor will have experience performing ear pinning surgeries and can provide you with follow-up information, whether it is about your hearing ability or other concerns.

Before deciding on which doctor to use, you will need to talk to other plastic surgeons who have performed ear pinning surgeries. You can also request a referral so that you can be sure the doctor performing the procedure is board certified.

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