What is Pin Your Ears Back ?

Pin Your Ears Back

Why would anyone want to pin your ears back? Common sense says that you probably wouldn’t be able to pin a kid to a hard wall by the ears either. The ear pinning techniques used by pinning children to walls have proven to be rather effective as well. Parents may have a bit of a difficulty pinning kids down to a hard wooden wall with their ears pinned back, but it is still effective.


Pin Your Ears Back

Pin Your Ears Back, some parents are tempted to use duct tape to pin someone down to a hard wall. This may work, but it is still not very recommended. Duct tape will leave a sticky mess, and the sticky mess from using duct tape is not good for the person being pinned down. And even if your kid gets a hold of some duct tape, it isn’t very likely that he or she is going to put it back in position.

Even if you pin someone down to a hard wooden wall using duct tape, chances are that the person is not going to fall down (unless there is some other force used to pin someone down). Another way to pin your ears back safely would be to pin someone down to a soft material such as a poster board. You do need to make sure that the poster board is fairly firm; otherwise, it could be quite difficult to keep the pin in place. A little pressure is required on the back of the neck, but it should not be overly tight.

If the poster board is fairly loose than it may be possible to slide it away from the pin if the person is willing to move around a bit.

How to Pin Your Ears Back ?

If you are trying to learn how to pin your ears back safely, one of the most important lessons to learn is that you should never stick anything into your ear. This includes a small pin, cotton swab, or any other object that is meant to be stuck inside of your ear.

If you stick something in your ear, you will need emergency help to remove it (even if it is meant to be a cotton swab). Your doctor can remove anything that is stuck in your ear, but he or she would never think of sticking anything in your ears.


Another important lesson to learn how to pin your (one’s) ears back safely involves listening closely to what you are saying. If you are trying to learn how to pin (one’s) ears back, you need to make sure that you are saying all of the right words. Some people are pretty good at saying words like “head”, “body” and so forth. Others tend to say things like “ouch” or “ugh”.

If you are saying the words the right way, then the person can (in most cases) just say “oh” and move on.


A great lesson on how to pin (one’s) ears back safely involves learning how to relax. It is very easy to lose focus when you are frustrated or stressed out. One of the best ways to relax is to take deep slow breaths. When you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, you will become aware of the air around you and the feeling of it. This will give you the perfect opportunity to strike one’s ears back with the correct words.

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