What is Pinned Ears Dog ?

Pinned Ears Dog

A dog with Pinned Ears Dog may seem like a bad case of dog bad form, but it is actually not as uncommon as you might think. Just like humans, some dogs are born with their ears pinned back, but there are others who develop the condition at an early age.

It seems that pinched ears occur most often in young male dogs. It usually occurs when the outer and inner ear bones grow together at an early age and then don’t separate again after birth. Corrective surgeries for this common canine health issue are relatively simple to perform.

Pinned Ears Dog

Pinned Ears Dog can also be caused by a structural problem with the ear canal. Over time, the cartilages separating the inner ear to the head skin and the middle ear bones become loose and start to slip back toward the spine. Fortunately, this common deformity is also easily correct with surgery.

A veterinarian can perform an operation to cut off the offending tissue or he might recommend you use a head collar to hold the ears back.


What is Pinned Ears Dog ?

Another way your dog could develop Pinned Ears Dog is if the dog had ear mites while he was a puppy. The mites are the same ones that cause ringing in the ears in humans, so your dog may develop chronic ear infections unless treatment is started soon after the formation of the mites.

Usually, a veterinarian will advise you to use natural methods to treat your dog’s ear mites, as conventional treatments can be toxic to dogs. One way to gently ease the pain associated with an ear mite is to apply warm washcloths to the ears and around the ears regularly. You can also rub some aloe vera or vitamin E directly into the ears.

If the ears on your dog are floppy and movable, they may be injured because they are constantly being pulled forward by the dog’s head. Your pet can pull his ears back by shaking his head or pawing at his ears. This type of behavior can be frustrating for your dog and his owner, especially if it occurs frequently.

A veterinarian may recommend physical therapy or advise you to gently apply pressure on the ears of your pet to prevent pulling the ears back.

Ears pinned back dogs

Infections are another reason your dog could develop pinched ears. Dogs can get ear mites, which can lead to inflammation, thickening, or even blockage of the eardrums. This condition is commonly called “cicatricial keratitis.” The best treatment is to stop the activity that causes the pinched ears, so first you should try to determine what caused the inflammation. Treatment may include a topical anti-inflammatory, steroids, or antibiotics.


Your pinned ears can also be caused by cold weather, extreme excitement, or stress. Extreme excitement in dogs can occur during race events, dog shows, obedience trials, and when the owner is giving the dog a bath. Your ears may also be pinched by the dog’s head when he jumps on you or his friends.

Stress can occur from a busy day at work or a death of a friend or family member. To treat your dog’s ears back, you can give him a warm bath or a quick pat to relieve him of stress. Heat or massage may also help ease the itching, swelling, or pain of pinched ears.

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