What is Plastic Surgery of The Ear ?

Plastic Surgery of The Ear

What is Plastic Surgery of the Ear? Surgery of the ear chiefly is commonly done to correct the anatomical position of ears which often protrude abnormally in the side of the head. Such protrusion often makes the ears look to be bigger than usual. Sometimes excessively large ears are also a rare medical condition known as macrotia.


Plastic Surgery of The Ear

Plastic Surgery of The Ear, the procedure is basically an alteration of any abnormal feature of external ear structure that may cause inconvenience, disability or discomfort. Such procedures are generally performed with the aid of scalpels and instruments such as a small scope or speculum. The most popular procedure is the Elective or Indirect Method where only the cartilage of the outer ear is cut out to increase the angle of the eardrum. In this procedure the surgeon makes incisions along the auditory folds by means of tiny incisions, typically no more than 1 millimeters in depth.


After performing the surgery the surgeon cleans the site and examines it for signs of infection. Then he schedules a time to return to the surgical facility. He gives instructions to his surgical staff on how to dress and operate the instrument while on site. Surgeons perform a series of tests and operations prior to performing the surgery and finalizes post operative care. This ensures a high success rate and less discomfort.

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One form of plastic surgery that is common among many patients is microtia. Microtia is the development of extra feathery cells around the perimeter of one’s ears. This development results in the look of tiny bumps or specks around the eyes and hairline. It occurs due to trauma or injury and is treated using topical medications and surgery. When plastic surgeons perform otoplasty on individuals, they usually use additional procedures to deal with the feathery cells.


What is ear plastic surgery called?

A more complex form of plastic surgery of the ear that is frequently performed is otoplasty. This operation involves removal of excess ear wax. The surgeon also removes any adenoids or cartilage found within the eardrum. Otoplasty is most commonly performed for those suffering from hearing loss.

There are several advantages of having otoplasty. This procedure provides a natural looking appearance that is indistinguishable from the natural look of a person’s ears. Plastic surgeons can perform the surgery on an individual basis, taking into consideration the patient’s wishes and desires. The surgery is also minimally invasive and can be performed at a private office or surgical facility. Plastic surgeons can perform either circumaural, which is the most common, or circumoral, which is less common.

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