What is Ear Pinning?

What is Ear Pinning

What is ear pinning? Ear pinning is the cosmetic surgery procedure in which excess skin is removed from the ear lobe, along with hair that grows on it. Otoplasty refers to the cosmetic/cosmetic procedures for modifying the ears, and especially for reconstructing a deformed, absent, or developmentalally compromised external auditory canal, resulting from congenital abnormalities and/or trauma. This article will discuss about what is ear pinning, how it can be done, and after care.

What is Ear Pinning?

What is ear pinning done for? Cosmetic surgeries involving the shaping of cartilage are a good example of how a surgeon may perform this procedure. Cartilaginous tissue forms the outer layers of our ears. When the cartilage grows, it pushes outward and makes the ear look longer. If the cartilage growth is stunted, the ear appears shorter, and the result is a more flattened appearance to the outside of the ear. In some cases, a surgeon may perform what is known as “recumbent cochlea transplantation” which is a procedure wherein excess skin and hair is removed from the ear’s tip and middle, in order to restore the ears to their normal shape and size.


Is ear pinning painful?

How do I know if I am a good candidate for what is ear pinning? To answer this question, your plastic surgeon will review your ears, look at the overall appearance of your earlobe, and analyze the shape and placement of your septum. Next, your plastic surgeon will perform arthroscopy. During this examination, the surgeon will use an arthroscope to examine the inside of your ear, and look for evidence of excess skin and hair.

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What are the possible complications after what is ear pinning? The most common complication of ear pinning is asymmetry. When a person undergoes ear pinning, the skin on the side of each ear may grow in a way that is noticeably different from the other side. This is very noticeable if you look in a mirror and notice an asymmetrical gap between your ears. While this is not always a problem, it is possible that it could cause problems if you ever start hearing loud sounds while using your ears.


Is ear pinning permanent?

What are the alternative treatments after what is ear surgery? One of the most common procedures after ear surgery is cartilage expansion. In this procedure, surgeons take healthy cartilage cells from the back of the head and extract them so they can be placed into the ears. The cartilage expansion will cause the sides of your ears to broaden, taking up the empty space and making your ears wider.

Are there any advantages and disadvantages to what is ear pinning? While it has its advantages, one of its major disadvantages is that it can leave you with misshapen ears. This is why many doctors who perform this procedure do not recommend it for patients who have very small ears. It can also lead to temporary hearing loss because of the additional amount of cartilage in the ear. However, most patients find that the benefits of having their ears done make this procedure worth the risk.

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