Why Do Dogs Pin Their Ears Back?

Why Do Dogs Pin Their Ears Back

Have you ever wondered why do dogs pin their ears back? Well, I will tell you the answer and then explain why it is bad. Most people are taught in puppy training that they should “pet” their dog and give them love. They are told that it is good to pamper your dog and that they need to be treated right. And I believe that it is nice to treat your animals how you would like to be treated.


Why Do Dogs Pin Their Ears Back?

Why Do Dogs Pin Their Ears Back, However, I have heard many times from people who own dogs that they are being mistreated by their owners. These people have dogs that are aggressive and misbehave all the time. And even though these dogs are owned by good people, they still don’t like being treated like dogs that belong in animal shelters. And I think it is wrong. I also think that you can understand the reason behind why they want to do this.


I used to own a dog that was a little misbehaving but I always thought that it was cute. I would clip his ears and make him stand still for a few seconds so he could hear me, and I would reward him with treats. The only problem with this method is that he started misbehaving again because he could hear everything that was going on around him. So I finally realized why do dogs pin their ears back.

Why does my dog pin his ears back when I pet him?

I noticed that whenever I punished my dog he always tried to get me to stop punishing him. It became such a big chore that I just gave up. But what I didn’t realize was that if I stopped punishing him he would never learn what he needed to know. Dogs are the most stubborn animals out there and I had to understand this.

So I did some research on how to stop him from misbehaving and I came across a great website that changed my whole understanding of this whole thing.


All I had to do was copy and paste some commands into the Google search bar and boom I had a list of dog training methods that I could apply to my dog to stop him from pinning his ears back. I started using the first method right away. I simply told him to “stop” and took a deep breath. This was effective instantly because my dog noticed that I was happy and that he wasn’t getting scold anymore.


After applying these two methods to my dogs behavior immediately I was able to notice a huge improvement in his behavior. He now stays calm when around people, no more snarls and now he is very obedient. I can’t tell you how much this has improved my dogs life. I highly recommend trying these out for yourself if you want a great way to stop your dogs from barking all night.

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